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EAU Annual Congress Paris 2012
Who's Who
Per-Anders Abrahamsson - EAU Secretary General

Professor of Urology at Lund University (SE) from 2000. Since 1993, Adjunct Professor, Department of Urology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York (US). Secretary General of the European Association of Urology since 2006. Has written 275 scientific articles including 115 original scientific articles, 42 book chapters, 4 books and 135 other publications.

Walter Artibani - EAU Adjunct Secretary General & Executive Member Science

Since December 2009 Professor and Chair of Urology at the University of Verona (IT), before in Padova and Modena. From 2002 to 2004 he was President of the European Board of Urology. Since 2007 he is Adjunct General Secretary of EAU, re-elected for a second term. Published more than 200 articles in international urological journals.

Christopher Chapple - EAU Adjunct Secretary General & Executive Member Education

Professor of Urology at Sheffield Hallam University and Consultant Urological Surgeon, The Royal Hallamshire Hospital (UK). Since 2004, Adjunct Secretary General of the EAU. Past President of the Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons. Published more than 300 scientific articles in peer reviewed journals on different subjects.

Manfred Wirth - EAU Treasurer & Executive Member Communication

Professor of Urology, Head of department at the University Clinic of the Technical University of Dresden (DE). Member of the EAU Executive Board as of 2004. President of the German Society of Urology since 2008. Has published 185 scientific articles, 46 book contributions and seven books.

Freddie Hamdy - Chair, EAU Scientific Congress Committee

Professor of Surgery & Urology and Head of Nuffield Department of Surgery at the University of Oxford (UK) since 2008. Previously Head of Urology and Oncology at the University of Sheffield (UK). In 1996 he won the Crystal Matula Award, which is given by the EAU to the most promising academic urologist aged below 40 years. Chairman of the Scientific Office of the EAU since 2004, he leads and is involved in several UK/EU-funded research projects in the field of prostate cancer, and has published over 200 articles.

Jelle Barentsz

Professor of Radiology and Vice-chairman for Research in the Department of Radiology of the University Medical Center Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Prof. Barentsz is a recognized expert in MR imaging of urogenital and pelvic diseases and published numerous publications in peer reviewed journals. He is Founding Member and Past President of the International Cancer Imaging Society.