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EAU Annual Congress Paris 2012

Why Exhibit?

The EAU Congress exhibition is unique in the field of urology and it attracts all major international exhibitors. Modern and dynamic, the exhibition floor provides broad exposure to the participating companies.

Year on year, the exhibition showcases the cutting-edge of new technology in the rapidly evolving medical industry.

Optimal facilities, flexibility and excellent logistics are the formula which leads our exhibitors to success year after year.

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Why Visit?

Today’s most current achievements in technology. A glimpse into the future of  pharmaceutical research and development. A place where innovation meets application. These are only some of the reasons why you should explore this year’s EAU Congress exhibition.

And while you are there – don’t forget to visit the EAU booth, where we can answer any questions you might have about EAU membership and meetings.


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EAU Exhibition Guide

From maps to company profiles, this booklet compiles all of the EAU Exhibition information from the congress website into a single convenient, portable and printable document.

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EAU Exhibition Opening Hours
  Delegates Exhibitors
Saturday, 25 February 09.00-18.00 08.00-18.30
Sunday, 26 February 09.00-18.00 08.00-18.30
Monday, 27 February 09.00-18.00 08.00-24.00

“The EAU Congress is more than an opportunity to tell the world about who we are. It is a great motivation and great reward – here we take pride in the success of our business”.

S. Van den Bergh,
The Netherlands

“What do I do at the EAU exhibition? I meet my colleagues, I talk to the reps of pharmaceutical companies, and I try, try, try out all the latest ‘uro-gadgets’!”


Dr. K. M. Karam,