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EAU Annual Congress Paris 2012
Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the 13th International EAUN Meeting, Paris, 25-27 February 2012, has closed on 1 November 2011 (23:59:59 CET). As of 5 December 2011 you can check the status of your abstract submission.

NEW: EAUN Preparing your poster

This educational tool is provided to assist you in making a poster for the poster session during the European Association of Urological Nurses (EAUN) Annual Meeting. On completion of this tool you will be able

  • Demonstrate, stating clearly the purpose, rationale and scope of  the research project or clinical developments you are undertaking or have completed, using the agreed poster presentation format.
  • Be able to present the content and scope of the work effectively.
Educational Tool
"Preparing your Poster"
Presentation Instructions       
"Poster Presentation Instructions for Nurses" including information on the EAU Poster Builder Service and poster format
Online Tutorial "How to build a poster in PowerPoint"
Poster Template
"EAUN Poster Template"

NEW: EAUN Abstract Tool
This educational tool is provided to assist you in the development of your abstract, for submission to the European Association of Urological Nurses (EAUN) annual meeting.

This tool will describe the key components of an abstract, offer practical suggestions for optimising the key messages of your work, provide general advice on abstract preparation and tips for increasing the likelihood of your abstract being accepted for presentation.

Click here to start the EAUN Abstracts Tool

Complete Rules for Poster Presentations by nurses:

Poster Presentation Instructions

Build your poster online. For more information please click here.

Important dates
1 July 2011      
Abstract submission system open   

1 November 2011   
Deadline for abstract submission

November 2011   
Abstract selection by reviewers and the EAUN Scientific Congress Office

5 December 2011   
Outcome abstract selection available online

Abstract submission rules for nurses

  • Authors may submit more than one abstract but are asked to exercise reasonable restraint
  • The submitted abstract(s) must describe unpublished work which is not awaiting possible acceptance by any other international society that publishes its proceedings
  • Abstracts may not have been published or presented at an international congress previously at the time of submission for the annual EAUN congress. This rule applies for European as well as US abstract submitters.
  • Any human experimentation that has been conducted with respect to the submitted abstract(s), should have been conducted according to the protocol approved by the institutional or local committee on ethics in human investigation; or, if no such committee exists, the works should have been conducted in accordance with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki of World Medical Association. Council may enquire further into ethical aspects when evaluating the abstract(s)
  • Copyright of the abstract(s) is assigned to the European Association of Urology Nurses
  • Accepted abstracts will be published on our website
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English
  • Cancellation or name changes should be notified 2 months prior to the congress
  • When you have included graphs or pictures in your abstract you are obliged to send your original source file (e.g. Excel, jpg) by separate e-mail to the EAU Congress Department.

Ranking system

The reviewers will give rankings from 1 to 5 points on the following 4 criteria:
1. Importance of the topic
2. Originality of the abstract
3. Quality of the abstract
4. Relevance to nursing, written by a nurse 


1.    The topic of this abstract is relevant to nursing
2.    The submitter of this abstract is a registered nurse 
3.    The presenter of this abstract is a registered nurse


This year the rules for presentation have changed:
-  All abstracts have to presented as a poster
-  Oral presentations are no longer possible
-  The rules for poster session and poster presentations can be found below.

The format of a poster session
-     Poster viewing; presenter should remain near his/her poster  (30 minutes)
-     Introduction by chairmen (4 minutes)
-     Presentations (6 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion per presenter)
-     Your slides will be shown during the presentation in a PowerPoint. You may submit maximum five slides to the EAUN office by email before 12 January 2012.

All selected posters will be printed as a hand-outs and made available to the audience if submitted as a pdf file before the deadline (see "Poster Presentation Instructions" below).


Three prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First Prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation € 500
  • Second Prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation € 300
  • Third Prize for the Best EAUN Poster Presentation € 200

Prize winners have to be present at the award session on Monday to accept their prize. If they are not present, the prize will be awarded to the next best abstract.

Instructions abstract submission

  • System requirements
    You need a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 to use the abstract submission properly.
    You need Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to enter the abstract submission system.
  • Size
    The submission programme will automatically calculate the size of your abstract and will not allow submissions that do not fit in the size requirements. The size of the abstract is limited to 3,000 characters (this includes title, body of abstract, spaces, tables and graphics).
  • Title
    The first letter of the title will automatically begin with a capital letter. Do type the abstract in small letters, except for abbreviations. Do NOT type the full title in capital letters.
    The title should clearly define the topic. Do not identify your institution in the title.
  • Authors
    Type full last name and first name of all authors, only omitting any titles, degrees and institutional affiliations.
  • Affiliation
    Type the name of the Institution, Department, City and Country. If co-authors are from the same institution, the programme will automatically copy all information into the next boxes, so that you do not have to type all information again. If co-authors are not from the same institution you can edit each box you prefer.
  • Body of the abstract
    State the objective of the study, describe the material and methods, summarize the results presenting sufficient details to support the conclusions reached (it is not acceptable to state: “The results will be discussed”). Use numbers for numbers and only very well known abbreviations e.g., ml, kg, MRI… If you must use other abbreviations, you must explain the first time it appears. You can use the special keys to insert tables, pictures or specific characters.
  • Proof reading
    Verify that your abstract is correct and read the proof carefully that will be automatically shown after you have inserted all data. Keep a printout for your own records. When you come to step 7, you will get a preview of your abstract which you can printout directly.